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YSP Numazu maintenance

At YSP Numazu, we can handle everything from quick repairs to vehicle inspections!

We are a Yamaha motorcycle specialty store.

Leave the sales, repairs, and vehicle inspections of Yamaha motorcycles to our store!

We handle new and used cars in Japan and overseas.
We strive to provide services that allow you to experience positive changes after maintenance and inspections!
If you are having trouble with a Yamaha motorcycle, please feel free to contact us.


Periodic inspection

・You can easily make a reservation via TEL!
・We do not keep you waiting as reservations are required.
- Fully equipped with equipment such as Co tester, so you can rest assured!


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about motorcycles, please contact Yamaha motorcycle specialty store YSP Numazu.

  • Q: Something isn't right with my bike...My bike is broken and I want to repair it.
    A Please feel free to contact us first. Our experienced staff will diagnose every detail.
  • Q: It's almost time for the vehicle inspection...
    A If you make a reservation via TEL, we will provide transportation for your return trip. The number of seats is limited, so if you are interested, please hurry!
  • Q: I received a recall notice, what should I do?
    A It may lead to a serious accident. Please contact our store. Bikes purchased from other stores are also OK!
  • Q: I want to customize it!
    A We will propose a customization that meets the customer's wishes, including professional advice. However, only legal items are accepted.
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